Our Purpose

The following statement of purpose for the National Prayer Breakfast, which is sponsored by the US Congress and held annually in Washington D.C., reflects the same guiding principles for our event in Hawaii.

A National Movement Toward Prayer

Historically, the leadership of our nation has turned to Almighty God for strength and guidance. In this spirit, the United States Senate and the House of Representatives Breakfast Groups, which meet to deepen friendships, to pray and counsel together, inaugurated the National Prayer Breakfast to specifically seek the Lord’s guidance and strength as well as reaffirm our faith and to renew the dedication of our Nation and ourselves to God and His purposes.

The event in the Nation’s Capitol seeks to encourage men and women throughout the world to recognize their privileges and responsibilities before God.

With the desire to deepen the spiritual life and moral fibre of the people through a leadership led by God, there have been breakfasts in all 50 states, inaugurated by governors, mayors and other leaders.

As a natural outgrowth of such gatherings, many people throughout the world are finding through the power of Jesus Christ a fellowship that is helping to build true community in the family of nations.